Belt Spray

Nelspray’s second generation booth are designed for easy use and minimal waste, by featuring automatic width control and a fresh air chamber to house our Neljet ® spray applicators.

How does it work?

Avoid the over-spraying of release with automatic width control.

Our two-chamber design minimises turbulence around the spray nozzle for superior spraying. Automatic width control follows the production width and can be offset for fine adjustment. Together these features improve the reliability and operational cleanliness of the booth resulting in less maintenance.

Fully enclosed chamber

Fully enclosed chamber system cools Neljets & contains the steam associated with spraying hot press belts.

Flowmeter design: multipool

This example shows a 13 flow meter design with one flow meter on each nozzle. Seven of the flow meters are located on the supply side of the line and six on the opposite side.

Mounting design

The Belt Spray Systems booth hangs on 4 swing arms that are set just off vertical. The low load allows the booth to be pushed away as necessary, minimising damage if something comes around the Drum or if the belt tension is lost.

When in serving/maintenance position, the booth can be held away from the belt/drum with the simple insertion of a service pin.

Vertical adjustment sets the rotation onto the drum, enabling very fine adjustment to the belt and allowing minimal suction to be used.

Features of the Nelspray Belt System

  • Automatic width control to avoid over-spraying
  • Cooling chamber around Neljet® stopping ingress of release
  • Optimal spray coverage through a sophisticated multiple flow meter design
  • The second-generation booth design consists of multiple flow meters, one for every Neljet®
  • Balanced weight distribution allows the booth to be pushed away when necessary, minimising damage if belt tension is lost
  • Our high-resolution flow meter configuration provides incredibly accurate spray monitoring
  • Main airflow damper controls the total volume of air entering and exiting the booth
  • Steam generated within the booth condenses and drains to waste
  • Chemical dosing is achieved using a Netzsch progressive cavity pump through IFM flow meters for chemical saving accuracy
  • Dosing ranges of between 5% and 70%

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